Tree Measurement, One Step Worksheet Downloads


Stop drawing clinometers and diameter tapes on the board and just make copies instead. 
Measuring trees takes skill and it is easier to develop that skill with a solid foundation. Students can practice reading a diameter tape and a clinometer in the classroom before heading out to the forestry plot. This way you can check for accuracy and pinpoint common problems - like reading the wrong side of the dial - in a controlled setting. You are looking at the same image on the page that your students are instead of passing a clinometer back and forth. Also, this is a great way to give them a test before moving onto the outdoor lab. Just hit copy (or print) and you are done. 
  • What is included?
- Introduction pages on how to use a clinometer and a diameter tape
- 32 practice pages for Measuring Height with a Clinometer
- 32 practice pages for Measuring Diameter with a D-Tape 
- Answer keys for all practice pages 
- Blank pages for practicing on real trees


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