A Different Kind of Chapter Recruitment and Community Service Idea

November 13, 2019

A Different Kind of Chapter Recruitment and Community Service Idea

Community service and chapter recruitment can come in some pretty unique ways. Denmark FFA hosted a brownie troop working on their animal care badge. 

That looks like more trouble than it's worth...right? Or is it?

First anything worth doing is going to be an imposition. If it's so easy that it's a no brainer either there's not much effort being put into it or it's so common that it really isn't that interesting. Unless, you have a great group of students who do most of the work for your chapter then it really is easy...for you.

What it comes down to is that there are so many benefits for your students to host a local troop or 4-H group or even a home school organization. The students get to prepare what they've learned, use their public speaking skills, you get some great photos that at the very least you share with your principal at the most make it to the local paper, and you now have a young group of kids who know about your classes and have something to look forward to.

You never know who people know. These youngsters may have older siblings ready for high school, or cousins, or even neighbors. These chatty little kids go out and tell everyone they know about the animals they saw, how they learned to take care of their pet, and the awesome facilities you have. You can't buy publicity like that. Next thing you know the local vet is familiar with you, board members have heard of your program, and parents come up to talk with you as their freshman students start school.
Adults want to support whatever program brings excitement to children, plain and simple. If you take the time to create a great group of students who can demonstrate simple small animal care techniques, speak publicly, and will interact well with students you'll be surprised how many doors will open up for your chapter. Take the time to create a successful small animal care or vet tech program and let these small group interactions do all the marketing for you.
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